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The Neighbourhood Helpers Project - Downtown Eastside(NHP-DE)

Neighbourhood Helpers Project
-Downtown Eastside (a Seniors Outreach Program) assists seniors who are most in need, through the creation of a volunteer network that allows seniors to help themselves. Our senior volunteers are integral to the program because they understand first-hand the problems and daily lived-experiences of other low income seniors in Vancouver’s downtown core. Neighbourhood Helpers (a Seniors Outreach Program) locates seniors who are the most isolated, living in SRAs, and offers them the chance to help one another by starting with the simplest of pleasures: a friendly smile, talks, coffee, and snacks. Our volunteers also assist tenants in preparing weekly meals through our community kitchen partnerships organized in SRAs.

Coffee Houses – Set up in various SRO hotels, rooming and social housing buildings, our friendly volunteers serve freshly brewed coffee and snacks to residents on a weekly basis.

Community Kitchens – Through our partnership with DECK, NHP volunteers assist residents in preparing weekly meals served on location.

Food Box Delivery to Homebound Seniors Program – (serving seniors 60+) weekly delivery of food box for isolated or disabled seniors as well as emergency pick up service at NHP office.

Door Knocking
- Isolated seniors receive regular individual contact in their SRA rooms.

One to One Peer Counseling - Seniors with particular needs receive peer counseling on a one-to-one basis.

Volunteer Training - Receive training to become a “Senior - Helping Seniors”.

Information, Advocacy & Referrals - Seniors are helped to access services such as the medical system, welfare, pensions and housing.

Medical Escorts - Volunteers and seniors work together to assist individuals in need to doctor and hospital appointments.

Special Events - On Christmas and other special occasions, we bring the community
together to celebrate, or to remember.

Peer Training Sessions - Come and get trained by other community members on a variety of topics including computer skills, community event organizing and outreach support.

  Neighbourhood Helpers - Downtown Eastside Volunteers in Action!

Neighbourhood Helpers - Downtown Eastside Volunteer in Action!

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We give seniors a sense of community. We actively address the social, recreational, nutritional and informational needs of low-income seniors.