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The Neighbourhood Helpers Project - Downtown South (NHP-DS)

Seniors Outreach Program-
Assists seniors who are most in need living in the inner city through the creation of a volunteer network that allows seniors to help themselves. Our senior volunteers are integral to the program because they understand first-hand the problems and daily lived-experiences of other low income seniors in Vancouver’s Downtown South core. The program locates seniors who are the most isolated, living in SRO’S, Non Market Housing and offers them the chance to help one another by connecting neighbour to neighbour. Starting with the basics such as a friendly smile, a genuine interest, leading up to gathering for coffee, tea, soup and a meal.

We offer the following outreach services:

Coffee Time – Residents living in SRO Hotels and Non- Market housing meet together, twice weekly, for coffee, snack and build community.

Community Meals - Residents and volunteers prepare a healthy meal once a week, for persons in need at various hotels.

One to One Support- Seniors with particular needs receive one-to-one support on a daily basis, such as sharing a meal, conversation or picking up something at the store.

Volunteer Training – Local seniors are provided monthly training to build their own skill level and confidence which enables them to support other seniors in the community.

Information & Referrals - Seniors are assisted in obtaining needed information to access services such as doctors, pensions, housing, meal programs and social assistance.

Health Clinics - Free flu shots, blood pressure checks as well as HIV and Diabetes testing are available on a seasonal and quarterly basis. Reducing the risks of serious health issues for local seniors.

Appointments – Volunteers, health care providers and seniors work together to assist individuals to make it to appointments and follow up.

Special Events – Christmas Day dinner, Community Gatherings, Summer Solstice, Keep Vancouver Spectacular, Summer Host Program and the Volunteer Retreat are held on a yearly basis.

Hospital Visits –
Seniors and local residents receive regular hospital visits as well as advocacy while in hospital.

Community Kitchen’s - Seniors meet, plan, shop and cook a weekly meal together. This provides an opportunity for seniors to meet their neighbours, eat a healthy meal and build relationships.

Community Partnerships
– A variety of community partners such as the COV Non-Market Housing, The Gathering Place, Private Hotel Owners, West End Mental Health Team, Three Bridges, Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, Starbucks and the Greater Vancouver Foodbank contribute to the success and longevity of the program.

Advocacy –
Seniors are provided advocacy on various issues and needs.  They are referred to other advocates when we are unable to assist them.


Neighbourhood Helpers - Downtown South

Neighbourhood Helpers - Downtown South


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We give seniors a sense of community. We actively address the social, recreational, nutritional and informational needs of low-income seniors.