Many Chinese seniors have language barrier and encounter difficulties in their daily life because they do not know English. They are often at a loss when they need to access community and government services, especially health services. There are many seniors living alone, without any family or social support.


In May 2008, the Vancouver Second Mile Society started the Chinese Outreach Project to address the needs of these seniors. Through this Project, we hope to reach out to the Chinese seniors in the community, providing them with the services they need and also at the same time the warmth and care to spice up their life.

Population Profile

We tend to assist Chinese seniors who are 65-years or older and live in the Downtown Eastside and Strathcona areas. Our service also extends to local Chinese residents who are 45-years or older affected by chronic health issues and/or face financial difficulties.


The Chinese Outreach Project also offers the following:


  • Tea Sessions. These weekly events encourage seniors to get together, form supportive network, and talk about their concerns.
  • Door-to-door visits. Our staff and volunteers visit housebound seniors so they can continue to enjoy socializing with others.
  • Educational Workshops. These fun and interactive sessions promote seniors’ health and safety.
  • Social and Recreational Activities. Our fun trips and events encourage seniors to befriend one another.
  • Language Support and Referrals. We support seniors to bridge their language gap and provide them referrals for services.

Contact Information

To get in touch or get involved with the Chinese Outreach Project, contact Billy at External link opens in new tab or