Tai ChiThe Downtown Eastside Seniors Centre provides a safe place for seniors to congregate with one another. it brings a sense of daily purpose to seniors living in the downtown core. We organize daily activities and information sessions that suit seniors living in low-income situations. Our services bring seniors out of their rooms and into the community so they may remain active members of society. The centre allows seniors to meet with old friends and new, chat about topics that are relevant to them, and exercise their mind and spirit.

Facility Features:

  • A living room environment. Safe and relaxing, the Downtown Eastside Seniors Centre feels like home.

  • Leisure activities. Seniors are able to enjoy stimulating leisure activities, such as bingo, Tai Chi, Karaoke, mahjong, pool, cards or ping pong.

  • Media. The centre has a number of newspapers and magazines, as well as a cable television for seniors interested in catching up on the news. Computers with internet access are provided.



  • Affordable meals. Inexpensive and nutritious breakfast and lunches are prepared by dedicated volunteers and staff.
  • Information and referral services. Seniors can get information through workshops and staff on services such as the medical system, welfare and pensions.
  • Recreational activities. Seniors can participate in fun regular or special events and activities that allow them to meet other seniors and make new friends.
  • Annual day trips. Every year, we will take seniors to various scenic locations throughout the Lower Mainland, like Harrison Hot Springs, for example. Organized by staff and volunteers, these day trips are a safe opportunity for seniors to socialize and to explore fun and breathtaking attractions.